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School Loan

This loan is for private educational institutions towards development of their schools. The product is designed to offer solutions to the problems of the private educational institutions in our area of operations or beyond.

Product Benefits
• Quick and Reliable Service
• Loan repayment Flexibility
• Interest Rebate
• Opportunity for expansion
• Provision of advisory service

The principal borrower(s) should;
• Be a Ghanaian citizen
• Between 18-60 years old
• An account holder with Pan-African Savings and Loans
• Be in operation for more than one year
• Have Ghana Education Service certificate
• Collateral requirement
• Guarantor requirement

• Two Passport Photos of the principal borrower(s)
• ID card (Driver’s License, Passport, Voters, NHIS, NIA)
• Applicant’s bank statement for the last 6 months
• Registration certificate from a regulatory body
• Pro-forma invoices on items to be purchased
• Detailed estimate of project to be financed[/vc_column_text]