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Church Loan

This loan is designed to support churches financially for the purposes of church developmental projects and assets acquisition.

Product Benefits
• Quick and Reliable Service
• Loan repayment Flexibility
• Interest Rebate
• Opportunity for expansion
• Provision of advisory service

The principal borrower(s) should;
• Be a Ghanaian citizen
• Between 18-60 years old
• An account holder with  Pan-African Savings and Loans
• Be in operation for more than one year
• Be a member of a recognized body (Eg Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Christian Council of Ghana)
• Collateral requirement
• Guarantor requirement

• Two Passport Photos of the principal borrower(s)
• ID card (Driver’s License, Passport, Voters, NHIS, NIA)
• Applicant’s bank statement for the last 6 months
• Registration certificate from a regulatory body
• Evidence of membership from a regulatory body
• A resolution from the Board of the church where applicable
• Pro-forma invoices on items to be purchased
• Detailed estimate of project to be financed[/vc_column_text]